Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bat pix - you asked for 'em.

Actually some of these are posted on my geocities page, but I guess there has been some kind of bandwidth problem with that account so I'll try putting pictures directly on blogger. Sorry, Jacek - none of these bats bit me. No, I am not singing an aria about bats. Joe's camera caught this hoary bat flying off my hand before I even realized it had taken off. Here's a closer view of that same hoary bat. Note the leather glove - batgrrl says never handle a bat without wearing gloves. Actually never handle a bat at all if you haven't had your rabies shots. Notice the luxurious fur, brown underneath and tipped in silver. There is even some golden fur inside his ears and on his wings. This big brown bat just woke up from a little nap, hanging upside down in my pocket. She was really unhappy when I pulled her from the net, but settled down in my hands pretty quickly and later crawled into my jacket pocket. Too bad I had to wake her up!


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