Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bat tat

How much do you love bats? As much as this guy does? Or maybe he just loves tequila, and knows that these nectar-feeding bats are the only pollinators for the original tequila agave. I took this photo at the banquet at the bat conference in Merida last summer, where the tequila was flowing freely. Then yesterday I found out about a bat tattoo contest on MySpace. Some of the entries are even more elaborate. I guess I have met my match in terms of bat love -- I will devote the rest of my career to them, but I won't get them tattooed on my body.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking your blog to my contest! It never fails to amaze me how consistently great people who love bats are! Very nice to meet you. I will come back to visit your other blogs.

~Lupita, the Congress Avenue Bridge Bat

Austin, TX

6:07 PM  

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