Saturday, September 24, 2005

Where I've been

E.g. not posting to my blog. Jacek shamed me into putting up another posting. Bat content: Next month I'm going to the North American Symposium on Bat Research conference in Sacramento. And just before that, a two-day class on California bats. It will be good to get back in touch with bat people again. In addition to school, I've been taking a self-defense class, which is very intense. I recommend it highly to any woman who wants to live her life more fully, without fear. Finally, I found the ultimate way to avoid having to clean out my kitchen drawers during midterms: National Geographic's Wildcam Africa. I first heard about this from Jon Carroll, then went lickety-split to see for myself. It's a live 24/7 camera panning around a watering hold in southern Botswana, complete with sound! At night they use an infrared camera, so you can watch the impalas and zebras come to drink - it's 2am there now and I just saw a hyena come to drink. I keep hoping to see some bats swooping in to catch the moths. In the day, there are all kinds of animals coming and going. It's true what they say, that Africa gets in your skin once you've been there. Strange to think that someplace I only visited for a few weeks could make me so homesick. I keep Wildcam on all the time, just to hear the sounds even if I can't watch the video. Now if they could only somehow transmit the smells, that dusty sage-y smell, I'd really be in Africa heaven.


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two gems in one post. thank you. i shall nudge you more...

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