Saturday, August 19, 2006

Copping a free lunch?

See if you can find the tree frog on this pitcher plant (Darlingtonia californica). After the class was over, my girlfriend and I came home, then went back up to the same area a couple of weeks later just for fun. The highlight was a visit to Butterfly Valley, where there's a bog filled with carnivorous plants. It was just about the coolest thing you could imagine.

all together now... "that's so cute!"

I'm back. Sorry for the very long absence. I've been busy, and sick, and busy, and sick, and... well now that school's about to start I'm starting to recover. I thought I'd post some photos from the busy part of my summer. Trust me you don't want to see the photos from the sick part. I took a photo of this little frog in the Sierras during the Field Ecology class at the field campus. It was a fabulous class and I learned a lot about how to do research in the field, which means how to think like a scientist and make things up as you go along. We did a couple of small projects, one of which consisted of sitting in a lovely meadow and watching flowers, and counting how many pollinators came to visit them. Sorry I don't have any photos of the cool bees and stuff that came by, because I was too busy doing science!