Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buh-bye Lava Beds, hello caribbean

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Sadly the fun is over at the BCI acoustic monitoring class and I'm back in San Francisco. After about 12 hours of sleep I feel almost normal. Our last night batting at Lava Beds was such a delight. We were in an area where the Ponderosa pine forest was beginning, so there were lots of trees but still some sage scrub between the groups of trees. The weather was cool but not cold and the skies full of stars. After exploring the area, we all stood in a clearing between the trees as the bats were released one by one with their tiny glow sticks. Many were very cooperative, hanging around to give us lots of great recordings. Some even returned, so there were sometimes two or three little magical fairy lights dancing among the treetops. Altogether for the class we had about 12 different species of bats and one of the star attractions was this darling little Silver-haired bat (Lasionycteris noctivagans) whose voice is way bigger than its size would lead you to believe. Tonight I leave for my next adventure, doing a survey of bats on two caribbean islands, St. Lucia and Montserrat. I'll post an update after my return.


Blogger kooterson said...

hi jennifer,

i've volunteered to visit my son's 2nd grade class to do a 20-minute segment on bats on October 21st of this year. You would be an awesome guest lecturer. Do you even do that? Also, any tips on how I can rent/borrow specimens to bring as visual aids? I've exhausted all the local museums. Thanks,
Cindy Peterson

1:35 PM  
Blogger batgrrl said...

Good for you for your interest in bats and sharing that with kids. I don't yet have a presentation like that although I plan to do that once I've got enough data to say what I've found here in the city. Unfortunately I will be at the annual bat researcher conference on the 21st. Have you contacted BCI (see the link to the right) for help with presentation materials?

9:22 AM  

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