Thursday, November 06, 2008

Feeling hot hot hot

For the second part of my Caribbean bat research trip we went to the island of Montserrat. This island is not a tourist destination at all and is most famous for its active volcano which destroyed the capital of Plymouth when it woke up again in the 1990's.

Of course we were there for the bats but I got an unexpected thrill when I learned that Alphonsus Cassell, a.k.a. Arrow, the King of Soca music was from Montserrat. Of course I had to visit his store, fabulously named Arrow's Manshop, to buy a CD with his famous song Hot Hot Hot. He was gracious enough to autograph it, and the team danced to Hot Hot Hot the rest of the trip.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


So what about White nose disease? any thought?

Don Page

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